The amazing water-absorbing material – Super absorbent polymer

Super absorbent polymer, also called SAP, is a functional polymer materials. It can absorb pure water hundreds of times its own weight.

Chemical composition

Most of SAP‘s chemical composition is sodium polyacrylate. For agriculture use,it’s potassium polyacrylate. Since the annual output of sodium polyacrylate is much greater than that of potassium polyacrylate, their price is quite different.


SAP can quickly absorb the liquid and form a hydrogel and lock the moisture firmly. Now SAP has been applied to all aspects of our lives.

For Plants & Soil

Water retention agent,Soil amendment,Water beads

For Hygiene and Care

Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Nursing pad, Wound dressing, Surgical pad, Body pad, Medical waste collection

Industry and Manufacturing

  • Cable water blocking tape,New flood protection bag,Concrete protective agent
  • Swelling toy,Immobile waterbed,Perfume carrier,Water source for preventing drowning of feed insects