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Choose the Right Way to Make Your Curls Last Longer

November 4, 2022

Today, the lead stylist at the Victoria's Secret Show, Sarah Potempa will educate us on how to make your curls longer and also elegant.

Can fine hair or thin hair be curled like various other kinds of hair?

  • Sure. With the innovation of modern technology, curly hair is no longer affected by hair quality. As long as we master the right methods and techniques, we can do all types of swirls as we desire.
  • Normally talking, thin, or great hair demands to utilize a lower warmth setting. For instance, 300 levels for thin hair and 350 levels for thicker hair. And hot rollers might be much better than the crinkling irons for those with fine hair.

There are various curling irons on the marketplace, which one is the best?

First of all, home heating products are very crucial. Common ones on the market are ceramics, tourmaline, gold, and titanium. As the two points of stable warmth control and consistent warm emission are essential in the curling procedure, ceramics and also tourmaline are suggested.

Additionally, electronic is a good way to establish the proper temperature.

Do I need to clean my hair before curling?

As a matter of fact, unclean hair can maintain frizz much better than clean hair. For that reason, it is suggested to crinkle your hair on the 2nd or third day after cleaning your hair.

If you require to crinkle your hair after washing your hair,

  • Make use of the light shampoo to clean your hair. Avoid heavy hair influencing the curling impact.
  • Use mousse and also heat protectant prior to blow-drying your hair to make swirls much longer as well as Contoured.
  • When blowing your hair, first bend down to allow your hair to hang down. Use an impact drier with a diffuser to blow-dry the hair. This is a little trick to increase the volume.

Do clips help curly hair?

Correct. Clips are good device for curling hair. Split your hair patiently with clips to make curly hair extra split.

How around the barrel dimension?

Barrel size is a very important fact to make the swirls last much longer. A larger barrel will certainly provide us with loosened curls, yet it is bad for the toughness of curls. Smaller curling hair will go longer than big swirls.

Other ideas to maintain curls longer?

Prior to you comb your cooled curls hair, splashing a hairbrush with hair spray.

Usage fewer conditioners as well as even more mousse. That's since conditioner will certainly allow your hair as well slippery to keep curl and also alcohol in mousse can boost hair's hold.

Some suggestions for resting:

  • Satin pillows will certainly reduce friction on the hair.
  • Scrunchie will effectively secure your swirls.

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