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Show your willpower first if you want to succeed!

November 4, 2022

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Do you agree with this sentence? Is a happy life a short sprint, or an endurance race that tests the mind? Often, we are always enthusiastic about setting a new goal for ourselves that changes our attitudes in life, but once time passes, the runway to the end seems to be getting longer and longer, and our willpower disappears with the original vows.

Good student = smart student?

Angela Lee Duckworth quit her job in management consulting at the age of 27 and became a math teacher in a New York public high school. Like many other teaching professionals, she is also good at understanding the differences between students. She found that some are very good. The IQ of the students is not particularly high, and some extremely smart students are not necessarily the best academically. And this also triggered her to think further - the factor that affects the differences in students' learning outcomes is not the only IQ!

Let us think back and see, is the knowledge that we learned in middle school really that difficult? Perhaps some concepts may be more complicated, but they are not difficult to understand, and the premise is to have enough persistence!

Who will succeed?

In order to explore the answers to the questions, Angela Lee Duckworth entered the institute to become a psychologist and began to observe the performance of adults and children in the face of difficult challenges. In the field of teaching, she went to the West Point Military Academy and tried to predict which students would pass military training and which would give up; they also observed new teachers working in difficult environments, and predicted who would be at the end of the semester. Can stick to the post. In addition, Angela Lee Duckworth is also working with private companies to predict which sales staff can keep their jobs? Which employee can make the most money? …and many more.

The results of the study found that under the very different backgrounds of these subjects, Angela Lee Duckworth found that there is a trait that can "predict success" very well! It's not the quality of social skills, the beauty or ugliness of appearance, the health of the body, and the difference in IQ. So what is the key? It is simple to say but harder to do-willpower.

How to exercise willpower?


And where is this abstract willpower sacred? As mentioned at the beginning, willpower is like a life marathon, it is a kind of perseverance when we face long-term goals. Angela Lee Duckworth also went to Chicago Public Schools to conduct a willpower survey of local high school students, and found that the more determined the students, the higher the relative probability of graduation! And all other factors that may affect graduation, such as family income, test scores, and even the children's sense of security in school are all considered and excluded!

Although everyone has heard of some success stories, did you know that we know very little about "willpower training"! But how to cultivate the willpower to persist? Angela Lee Duckworth mentioned Carol Dweck’s academic research in her speech, so let’s take a look at Dr. Dweck’s book-"Mindset: The New Psychology of Success".

In the book Carol Dweck mentioned our two mindsets:

1.fixed mind-set

People with this mentality believe that their abilities are inherently destined. You may be born smart or destined to be dull, and the various behaviors you show are just the performance of your own abilities. For example, if you fail in a certain exam, then It proves that he is not smart enough. And this kind of thinking mode for us, once we do not perform well in a certain aspect after a long time, it is easy to cause mistrust between ourselves and others, thinking that I am not good at this field, and gradually it will restrict it. Our potential develops and becomes a stumbling block to success.

2.growth mind-set

On the contrary, this kind of mentality is to believe that a person's quality can be slowly cultivated with the hard work of the day after tomorrow.

It believes that the brain can be trained like a muscle! People with this mindset know that they are more able to accept challenges because they know that they will become stronger after a collision, and they can work hard to achieve their own definition of success. In addition, in terms of accepting criticism, they regard criticism as a behavior that "needs improvement," knowing that they can be better.

And Angela Lee Duckworth just hopes to use the "growth mindset" mentioned by Carol Dweck to become a boost for everyone in willpower training, so that we can learn to be willing to fail, be willing to make mistakes on the road to success, Willing to learn from the lesson and start from scratch!

Try to breakthrough yourself!

"Breaking the comfort zone", I believe everyone is familiar with it, but think about it from another angle, you are now training willpower! And your growth mentality is based on the belief in change! You are accustomed to the unchanging life, watching TV at this time, and eating lunch with the same group of people, but once you break this rule, for example, you can practice your second foreign language half the time you watch TV, try other new dishes... do things from a young age Start, step out of your comfort zone, and insist on changing.

And willpower is persistence day after day, not just today, this week, this month, but continuous year after year. Perhaps in your intentions, unknowingly, your willpower is strong enough to realize the future you yearn for!

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