Superabsorbent polymer (SAP)


*This page is about superabsorbent polymer, slush powder, potassium polyacrylate, sodium polyacrylate, SAP. Brief introduction The origins of superabsorbent polymer chemistry trace back to the early 1960s when the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed the first super absorbent polymer materials. As a function polymer material, superabsorbent polymer (SAP) has strong water absorbing ability. [...]

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All kinds of Sodium polyacrylates


*This article is about all the sodium polyacrylates. Sodium polyacrylates Sodium polyacrylate is one of the superabsorbent polymers. It has strong water absorbent ability and can be used everywhere - you can easily to get this amazing material from a baby diaper. Now let's talk about it. Basic info [...]

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What is the “hydrogel agriculture” indeed?


Hydrogel agriculture Hydrogel agriculture a functional polymer which can absorb plenty water and turn water gel form. What the particularly amazing party is, water gel's absorption ability is stronger than soil's but weaker than roots of plants. So hydrogel (in) agriculture is more like a "mini- reservoir": to retain water when it's raining and [...]

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Water Conservation Methods In Agriculture


Tip: This article is about water conservation in agriculture, ways to conserve water, water conservation methods. Water conservation methods in planting process Deep plowing Deep plowing could avoid the surface runoff. Planting improved crops Further reading: water efficient maize for Africa Organic fertilizer The result showed that straw [...]

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Choice the Right Sodium Polyacrylate Before Ask Where to Buy


About sodium polyacrylate As an amazing absorption material, sodium polyacrylate has hundreds of uses in our life. And there're huge differences among them in the absorption, absorbent rate, water gel strength, degradation time, etc. So, it's kind of necessary to know sodium polyacrylate before purchase. Uses with important indicators [...]

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An easy way to dispose of tattoo liquid waste


  There would be lots of liquid waste in the process of tattooing. This article will introduce a way (product) to dispose of tattoo liquid waste easily.   Sodium polyacrylate As a functional polymer material, sodium polyacrylate can absorb hundreds of times its weight in water.     Advantages Sodium polyacrylate is also the [...]

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The best liquid waste disposal method


* This article is about the liquid waste management. Common liquid waste disposal method 1. Liquid collection. In some cases, this step could be very difficult. (like drilling, mining, etc.) 2. Liquid transfer (to the transfer station). This step is usually to uses vacuum trucks which brings expensive transfer cost. 3. Changed [...]

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Hydrogel powder – the amazing water absorbent material


*This article is about hydrogel powder, sodium polyacrylate, superabsorbent polymer. Hydrogel powder: sodium polyacrylate Sodium polyacrylate, as a type of superabsorbent polymers, can absorbent plenty water quickly and turn to water gel. Sodium polyacrylate is safety material, it's non-toxic, harmless, and has the character of natural degradation. Therefore, it's mainly application is [...]

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Beware of defective sodium polyacrylate


*This article is about sodium polyacrylate, fake sodium polyacrylate, and reliable sodium polyacrylate manufacturer. Overview of sodium polyacrylate Basic information name sodium polyacrylate / sodium basic superabsorbent polymer appearance white granule chemical formula [−CH2−CH(CO2Na)−]n CAS Number 2594415 density 1.22 g/cm3 MSDS (Material Safety Data [...]

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Sodium polyacrylate (including detailed uses)


This article is about sodium polyacrylate. Content Overview Basic info Appearance (video) Mechanism Production process Types Uses Be used directly Be used as a raw material Sodium polyacrylate Sodium polyacrylate belongs to superabsorbent polymers with the chemical formula [−CH2−CH(CO2K)−]n. In functionality, it can absorb [...]

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